Books every go-getter needs on their shelf

Self-improvement, leadership, and success all start with one thing: you. To even begin to start any of these personal goals, you should strongly consider starting to read. Studies have shown that there is a connection between reading and high levels of creativity, cognitive ability, and the general health of one’s brain. If you are looking into trying to kick-start your reading, and want something to get inspired by, we have collected a few titles that might do the trick. These books have been recommended by some high achieving people, so take a look!


Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Readers of Brene Brown have said that they needed her wisdom and insights into life, and many found her at just the right time. The book ‘Dare to Lead’ has helped people to navigate situations with clarity and kindness, and has aided leaders when leading groups with dignity and success. This book has given people the motivation to become more engaging in their workplace and to grow in their successes.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz has recognized that mistakes are inevitable in any business venture. Essentially, in his book ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’, Horowitz picks apart the myth of perfection. He establishes the hierarchy of ‘perfection’ and gives people a new look at priorities. He says that people come first, then the products, and then finally, the profits. In the book, he recalls different stories of a variety of his former teammates. Horowitz explains how essential it is to cultivate trust within your workplace, because everyone should work as a team.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

One phrase that has been popularly quoted in this book is: “Am I good enough? Yes, I am!” This chant has resonated with many people, especially those who need a bit of a push to reach their full potential. The majority of books that have been written by successful individuals are a smooth line from start to finish. However, Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ is not one of those books. Michelle writes about the trials and tribulations that came with her career and opens up about her self-doubt and deep-rooted insecurities. She promotes being curious and humble when dealing with people, and mentions that you shouldn’t develop a blinding ego when you eventually do become successful. Michelle has embraced humility, acknowledged doubt, and spoken of her triumph that she believes anyone can achieve.


Give and Take by Adam Grant

‘Give and Take’ by Adam Grant is potentially the best book that helps decipher human interaction that has ever been written. Grant simplifies some of the most complicated human personalities and breaks them down into three categories that are easier to understand: Givers, Matchers, and Takers. Seeing the world through his eyes, you begin to see the truths of different people with different personalities. He helps us to realize that some people only take, some only match, and some people only give unconditionally. This book inspired people to be the latter, and hopes to create far more givers in the world.

These books will help to get you on track to success. Be that success in the workplace, success in family life, or personal success. Reading will unlock your mind and allow you to become more curious and open to change. We suggest reading as much as you can, to help with every aspect of your life in general.