How millennials can beat the quarter-life crisis

Everyone knows what a mid-life crisis is, right? Well, you might have heard of the new phenomenon affecting millennials, called the ‘quarter life crisis.’ No, we haven’t made this up, it’s an actual thing! This is defined as a period of time where people in their twenties experience feelings of anxiety, worry, and lack of direction in their lives. A quarter life crisis can be a pretty scary and terrifying thing, and can often have a negative impact on your life.

It’s really easy to have these feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy after leaving the world of education. You might have successfully negotiated college with no issues at all, but the real world can sometimes be more difficult. Get a load of these nifty tips that will help you to beat the quarter-life crisis, and regain control of your life.

How millennials can beat the quarter-life crisis

Know thyself

It sounds cheesy, but on of the best ways of beating this doubt and anxiety is to make sure you know yourself. You’ve got to have an identity and know who you are, as this is the best way of ensuring you are much more confident and self-assured as a person. Understanding your passions and interests is key to finding out what the right path is for you, and how you can best thrive in the world. Identify your personal values, and you will then have a clear understanding and idea of the direction you want your life to take.

Detox the mind

There is so much information knocking around inside your head, couple that with feelings of stress, anxiety, and worry, and it’s no wonder many of struggle mentally. You need to clear your mind and detox yourself, so you are a lot calmer and more level-headed. Just as your body will benefit from a detox, so your mind will react positively as well. Cut out the things that are clogging up your mind and causing you to be more stressed out. For instance, try to go a week with no social media and without watching the news. These are things that may unduly stress you out and worry you, so try to cut them out of your life where you can.

Take responsibility

Too many people don’t like to hold themselves accountable for things, and would rather blame everyone else. There are loads of reasons why things could go wrong in your life, but you need to start taking ownership and holding yourself responsible. The more you take responsibility, the more you will see how it’s possible for you to affect other areas of your life you didn’t think you could. It’s so much easier to blame everyone else than it is to change the way you approach things, but that’s essential for the future.

How millennials can beat the quarter-life crisis

Start setting goals

Now, these don’t have to be big goals, at least, not to start with. It could be something as simple as saying you’re going to save $X by the end of next month, or you’re going to take a photograph once a day. Setting goals is important because they give you clear structure and purpose, and, if you start off small, you will find it much simpler to achieve your goals. Then you can build up to much larger and more impressive goals much more easily.

A quarter life crisis is something that can be avoided if you follow some of the ideas and suggestions we’ve made. There are a lot of things that can worry or panic people, and it’s often the case that we freak out about things that are sometimes out of our control. But, there is a lot that you don’t need to be worried about, and, by using these techniques, you can avoid freaking out about them.