How to avoid mistakes in job-related emails

In today’s day and age, we’re lucky to have technology in our lives that can communicate to people all across the world in an instant. Yep, instead of waiting for a letter to make its way from one state to another, or waiting for the carrier pigeon to finish its shift (was that even a thing?) we can now send direct messages on social media or communication platforms, or even just send an email that will ping over to your potential client, your co-worker or boss in seconds. Now more than ever, it’s so easy to send a job-related email that we often don’t think of little mistakes we often make. So here’s how to avoid them:

Always give them a reason to respond

Many people use emails as a way to network or earn themselves potential jobs. So, you’ll send an email with your name, who you are, what you’ve done, what you’re interested in and attach your resume onto the end of it – but there are probably around 100 other people around the world who are doing exactly the same thing. If an employer or business person is being bombarded with similar emails, it’s likely that they’ll just skim over it and leave it to one side. However, if you give them a reason to respond, you’ll be able to strike up a real conversation and leave a lasting impression. You can do this by asking them a question, as this will show you are keen, and that you do want to create a relationship with the person in question.

How to avoid mistakes in job-related emails

Keep it short and simple

Let’s be honest, we receive way too many emails each day to properly read every word and sentence, and if an email is incredibly long, there is a chance we might put it to the side for a few hours and return to it at a later date. If you’re trying to communicate about work through email, it’s best to keep it short and simple – rather than send them an essay as long as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Keep your points brief, and you’ll achieve the best results.

Don’t copy in unnecessary employees

When interacting with fellow colleagues or your boss, it can be easy to add in unnecessary employees into the email. However, this can be incredibly irritating for many people – especially if the conversation keeps going. If you’re unsure whether you need to copy in another employee, ask yourself whether you would call that person and tell them that news over the phone. If the answer is no, then there’s no need to add them to the conversation.

Turn on the charm

Getting into the big leagues of business is all about schmoozing with the right people and getting into their good books. One of the best ways to do this is to charm them and let them know that you appreciate them and what they have achieved. If you input this into your email, not only are you flattering the person on the other side of the computer, but you can also cover your tracks if you do make any mistakes. How could anyone be mad at someone who is charming them?

How to avoid mistakes in job-related emails

Do you send regular work emails? Are you making common mistakes and not getting any replies? Well, it seems you might need to change your ways…