Grooming tips for men with long beards

Not everyone can grow a beard, but for those who can, the thought of growing long bushy facial hair is often a tempting one. A long beard can be difficult to maintain though, and it takes a little looking after. Here’s some advice for guys to maintain those long beards to keep them looking full and thick.

Don’t be afraid to brush

Growing a beard can sometimes be the result of a dislike for shaving and grooming in general, but once your facial hair gets to a certain length, it needs attention. One of the most simple ways to make sure your beard looks as neat and presentable is to invest in either a beard comb or just a plain old hairbrush. It doesn’t take much, but running through a comb or brush through your beard hair can almost instantly make it look more presentable.


Use a beard shampoo

The skin on your face is a little different from that on your scalp, so invest in a good beard shampoo to prevent your beard from looking matted and unkempt. Keeping your beard clean is essential if you want it to look good, and you can follow up shampooing it with a beard conditioner. Brushing your beard regularly is important because it means the ones that have fallen out will either come off on your brush off when you shampoo your face.

Don’t forget to trim

Your facial hair won’t all grow at the same speed, so make sure to give your beard a trim pretty regularly to make sure it’s all even. If you leave it for too long, your facial hair is going to look like that of a wild man because it won’t be neat and even.

Keeping a good shape is important to show you didn’t get this face fuzz by accident. You’ve been cultivating this beard for months, or even years possibly, so make sure you show it off as best as possible.

How do you want your mustache?

The good or bad mustache can make or break your beard. It’s not all about the hair on your chin and cheeks, and you should carefully consider how you want the hair on your upper lip to look. Some people prefer to grow their mustaches long, while others will keep it short and out of their mouths.

Do whatever works for you, but make sure you keep on top of it all the same. If you grow it out, you might want to consider waxing your ‘tash to prevent the hairs from falling into your mouth, especially when eating. It can also be another way to add some flair to your beard by swirling your mustache into curls.


If you like your mustache hair trimmed, it shouldn’t be too short, and the best way to cut it is to take a pair of hair scissors to it and a comb. By using the comb you can control the length you cut it to without going too close to your skin. It will also help act as a guide so you can have an even mustache from one side of your mouth to the other.

That’s our advice for keeping your long beard nicely groomed. For an extra special finish, you can apply a beard oil that will help keep it moisturized even when you’re on the go.