Ways to make the most of your lunch break at work

Everyone spends the time on their lunch break at work doing something different. Are you a leaver? Are you a desk sitter? Are you a proactive do-gooder?

We all like to complain that there’s not enough time in the day, so why not use the time wisely! Depending on the time in which you have for your well deserved and welcomed lunch break, there are plenty of things which you could be doing. Here are five ways in which you could make the most of the time you have away from your work.

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Catch up with friends

Some of us work in big cities and have plenty of pals that work nearby, so why not make the most of the closeness by arranging a lunch date? Or if no one works close by, you could always call or facetime! Your personal life is just as important as life at work, so using your spare time in your daily work life to reconnect with loved ones can put that well-needed smile on your face. We all know work can get pretty dull, so this could be especially beneficial if you tend not to laugh much with your co-workers.


If you’re a bit of a 1 pm snoozer and find the hour after lunch particularly tiresome, then you could always try finding an activity that gives you a bit of an energy boost. This could be either a brisk walk around the local park, a relaxing meditation, or if you’re feeling brave, you could always join a local gym and get in a quick HIIT session. Take the time to clear your head and recharge the brain. You’ll find your work benefits from it too!

Get outside

Rule number one… Stay away from screens! Give your eyes a bit of a break and head outside the office if you tend to stay at your desk. You’ll feel completely refreshed when you come back, ready to start the second part of the day. Getting some fresh air and seeing the outside world will do your body, mind, and spirit wonders.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Do some chores

Life in the 21st century is busy. We all know it. So why not cross a few things off your list of weekend chores and do them in your work hours instead. We’re talking about stuff in which you could easily do in the office. So personal admin things like ringing the bank, filling out a form, sorting out bills, or sending some personal emails. You’ll thank yourself Saturday morning when you allow yourself that extra hour for a lay-in!

Make appointments

What you do on your lunch break is absolutely up to you, so do something you enjoy! That’s if you have the time of course. If you work close by to a lot of amenities, you could always make a nail appointment, or get a quick haircut, or even do a spot of shopping. Lunchtime is the part in your day for your disconnect from your workload, so do something recreational and an activity which may put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

No matter what you do at lunch, make sure you make the most of it. We spend way too much time at work than we would like any way, so always ensure you get away from your desk and either relax, re-energize, or be productive.