What is a work spouse and is it okay to have one

Many of us make friends at work that we could never imagine in the real world. Why do we feel the need to tell our colleagues about all our deepest darkest secrets? While some love to have a gossip, it appears as though others have a new relationship: a work spouse. So what are they and is it okay to have a work spouse?

What is a work spouse?

A work spouse is pretty simple. It’s someone that takes the role of your husband or wife while you’re at work. Okay, maybe they don’t go all the way and walk down the aisle as there are no romantic feelings involved, but they are the ones that we spend the majority of our time with while we’re in the office. To top it off, some of us even find ourselves hanging out with our work spouse as soon as we are done with the work for the day or messaging them throughout the evening with a joke we know they will like.

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Are they healthy?

Inside jokes can be great with our partners, but are they healthy when they’re with someone at work? Some people believe that is our real spouse never finds out, then there is no issue. Plus, many of us need a reason to head to work each day. The same tasks over and over again can be a little repetitive. However, having someone by your side to help break up the routine and a moan about your boss could be all you need to pass the time with ease. To top it off, we usually have a lot in common with our work spouse, meaning they could help advise us in our personal lives, too.

Why do we lie?

If there is nothing wrong with having a work spouse, then why do 64% of British people admit they have kept them a secret from their partner? Many feel that revealing the truth could feel like they are admitting to being unfaithful – even though there have never been any romantic feelings – or could plant the seeds of doubt. After all, not everyone would be happy to learn their partner is spending the majority of their day with someone they refer to as their spouse, or that they have a close relationship and inside jokes with another person.

Learning to compromise

Sometimes, we all need to learn to compromise if we want to make sure that our relationship with our partner and our work spouse both stay healthy. Honesty is always key. That means telling your work spouse about your real-life partner as well as making sure that you are clear with your partner about what your work relationship is all about. Sometimes, it might be best that the two get to meet each other. You never know, it might not be long before any worries are put to rest and you can start to enjoy your time at the office and at home.

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Having a work spouse can seem like a great idea to some, and a cause for concern to others. Not everyone feels comfortable opening up to a colleague – and that’s fine! On the other hand, having a work spouse can be a perfect way to help you enjoy your time at your job – as long as everyone is happy with the new friendship.